In-Depth: Wayward


With the prevalence of ecommerce options available on the market today, it’s easier than ever to create a website and sell your products. Unfortunately, it also means it’s harder than ever to stand out in the marketplace. So how do you approach ecommerce in a way that’s unique and engaging?

Wayward approached SILVR Social with the idea to create an ecommerce platform focused on the outdoor/adventure space that would capture users’ attention and provide value through thoughtful UX and relevant content. SILVR proposed a two-pronged approach: a Shopify powered store that put the user’s shopping experience at the core of design, and a WordPress-powered blog centered around high-quality content that featured products in an active lifestyle. The two would work in coordination to strengthen brand loyalty and make sure that users were provided value alongside being asked to make a purchase.

For this project, I was responsibile for the entirety of the code base across both the Shopify and WordPress portions, as well as providing UX support, ecommerce best practices, and creating a workflow to help make sure products were properly imported into Shopify and connected with their selected fulfillment and inventory management apps. In addition, I designed the entire Journal portion of the website, from wireframes to visual design.

The Shopify platform needed to be able to handle constantly changing products, collections, and stories with ease. Curated collections and brand partnerships are a prominent part of the business model, so we built a home page with the ability to highlight those items on the fly, alongside standard product categories. We created robust product pages with the ability to highlight not just product photography, but lifestyle imagery, too, alongside the details that make each product unique. Wayward focuses on the higher-end of the outdoor spectrum, so getting the details right was important to making the brand really come to life for the consumer.

Detail of the Wayward collection layout
Details of the Wayward collection page, highlighting the customer interaction.

The WordPress blog, or “Journal” as we named it, serves as a record of active people living Wayward’s company motto: “Explore...Enjoy.” We built a range of options for each post, from straightforward single column layouts to more editorial-style options. This was designed to give the in-house team at Wayward total control over their content without the need for additional support from designers or developers. The platform is extensible, meaning additional styles can be added to a given layout, new layouts can be created, or one-off interactive pieces for really special projects already have a place in the platform. In addition, each post features an easy way to cross promote specific products or entire collections related to the content.

Detail of a header from a Wayward Journal post
The Journal portion of the project prioritized layouts that highlighted the high quality photography and writing from Wayward's creative team.

In addition, having a WordPress-powered subdomain allowed us to do some server-side features on Shopify that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise without setting up and hosting a private app. For example, through a little CORS magic, we were able to use WordPress’s built in AJAX methods to quickly and directly integrate with the MailChimp API, providing a more seamless email sign up experience and eliminating the often-annoying double opt-in process.

The two pieces of this project provide a greater experience for consumers than the sum of their parts, as well as a platform for the brand to grow. Continued refinement of both the ecommerce experience and creation of stunning supporting content set Wayward up delight consumers, build brand loyalty, and to be a major player in their chosen space for years to come.

Wayward product page layout
The Wayward product page and details, including a Javascript-powered solution to automatically link to additional colors of the same product.